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OP-EDOPposite the EDitorial page (newspaper opinions/viewpoints)
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The ICBA boilerplate op-ed allows bankers to localize the opinion piece.
The op-ed he wrote was in response to an earlier op-ed on Fox News written by James Burnley who served as the US Secretary of Transportation under President Ronald Reagan.
In the week since the op-ed was published, it has not gotten much attention in the United States and appears to have had little impact.
Likely, many readers of the Rea/ Freyssinier op-ed would assume that when respected scientists cite a statistical measure, and draw a conclusion from it, their reasoning would be correct, but in this case that assumption would be misplaced.
Davutoy-lu asked how someone who claims to have "one suit" can write an op-ed for the newspaper.
The op-ed image, Kraus argues, connects with the reader in a way that text cannot.
We are now in a much better position to detect and address imbalances, such as excessive credit growth or housing price bubbles, which fuelled the crisis in some countries," reads the op-ed.
Tips for getting an op-ed published in a local newspaper include starting early and submitting an op-ed or letter-to-the-editor to only one newspaper at a time, reaching out to the editorial page editor to ask about specific guidelines, following the submission guidelines and being persistent.
CDATA[ Abbas rewrote Middle East History and this is a historian's factual response to the PA head's op-ed in the NYTimes on May 17, 2111.
Goldstone issued an op-ed in the Washington Post last week acknowledging that his report caused significant damage to Israel in the United Nations and internationally.
1 Write a Letter to the Editor: When you agree or disagree with an editorial, an op-ed, or how a sexuality-related topic was reported in your local paper, write a letter to the editor.
THE SOURCE: "A Profitable Public Sphere: The Creation of the New York Times Op-Ed Page" by Michael J.