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OPACOnline Public Access Catalog
OPACOnline Public Access Catalogue
OPACOffice of Public Affairs and Communications (various schools)
OPACOperations, Planning, Accounting and Control (Eindhoven University of Technology; Netherlands)
OPACOutside Plant Access Cabinet (telecommunications)
OPACOntario Property Assessment Corporation
OPACOnline Payment and Collection
OPACOffice Proficiency Assessment& Certification
OPACOrlando Performing Arts Center (Florida, USA)
OPACOlympic Peninsula Arabian Club (horses)
OPACOlder Persons Action Centre (Australia)
OPACOffice of Procurement and Contracts
OPACOffice Proficiency and Assessment Certification
OPACOptimization Policies for Adaptive Control (Computer Strategy for Adative Control of Traffic Signals)
OPACOverall Performance Appraisal Certification
OPACOficina de Planificación y Articulación Curricular
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This study intends to investigate the usability and effectiveness of user-interface features of Library OPAC among postgraduate students of International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), in relation to variables that influence the usability and the extent that the interface features can enhance search and informational retrieval for the users (i.
The University of Alberta (UA) hosts the consortium, and currently it is providing OPAC services for the following products: iLink, WorldCat Local, and EBSCO.
Concluye los temas dedicados a la evaluacion con los criterios, tecnicas e indicadores de calidad que intervienen en la evaluacion de los contenidos de las bases de datos de los OPAC,s.
Para encontrar una definicion acorde con la inclusion de estos subsistemas en el entorno de un sistema mayor como es el OPAC de ultima generacion realizaremos un estudio pormenorizado de cada una de las definiciones aportadas en investigaciones realizadas hasta la fecha sobre este tema, pasaremos a seleccionar aquellas que aporten datos sobre su estructura y terminaremos con la inclusion de un breve resumen de las distintas funcionalidades que les caracterizan.
There exist, however, many as yet untapped potential sources of terms, including the following: (1) users' search strings that are gathered as part of OPAC, database, and digital library systems' operations; (2) textbooks and other resources used in classrooms that have been designed by education experts (thesauri, dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.
The members of OPAC recently visited various countries and met with Pakistani expatriates to get first hand information about their issues and problems abroad.
Indeed, at TBPL, we provide an AirPAC for easy handheld OPAC searching but rarely see people in the stacks looking intently at their iPhones.
As a client-driven company, EOS International set out to create a Web OPAC designed specifically from the user's perspective.
This gave them a better idea of the connection between the OPAC record, with its fields and controlled vocabulary, and the physical item and its location in the library.
The inclusion of this new content helps the library's OPAC be the one stop source for all information about what is held in a library.
These OPAC members included Syed Mohammad Rizvi, chairman Al Burkan contractors (security systems), Mohammad Yaseen Bhatti managing partner Stars Light with 70 per cent share of lightning in Oman, Mian Riaz of Mohammad Riaz and Partners, a building materials company and Home Mart, Barrister Taimoor Malik of Oman's largest law firm Curtis Mallet-Prevost, Colt and Mosle, Chaudhry Ashraf and Syed Fayyaz Shah, who got Omani nationality.
Many people interact with the OPAC from outside the library, trying to determine whether or not they should come in.