OPANOregon Public Affairs Network (Salem, OR)
OPANOpus Pro Animalibus et Natura (Lithuanian animal welfare organization)
OPANOlder People and Ageing Research and Development Network (Wales, UK)
OPANObesity, Physical Activity, and Nutrition (educational program; New Mexico)
OPANOhio Patient Action Network (lobbyist group)
OPANOn Pins and Needles
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Rango de (primer) loci loci tamano amplificados polimorficos (pares de cebador bases) OPBA 13 14 9 350-3 000 OPBA 10 15 9 450-2 500 OPE 07 18 11 450-2 500 OPAN 17 19 12 350-2 500 Total 66 41 CUADRO 4 Variabilidad genetica deB.
Literacy activities began in 1995 by OPAN with the help of an anthropologist from the University of Sao Paulo and a professor of linguistics from the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro.
There was a lot of discussion with the Enawene how to teach their language', says Heggy Wyatt, an anthropologist and community health worker with OPAN for five years.
Through its extensive national presence, OPAN will ensure strong advocacy services continue.