OPBOOutput Power Back-Off
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It is observed that the maximal drain efficiency can reach 47.6% at 7.7dB OPBO from the saturated power point of 47.7dBm.
With the adoption of compact inverted load network and asymmetrical structure, the proposed PA exhibits a measured peak efficiency of 47.6% and an ACPR characteristic less than -53dBc with DPD at 7.7 dB OPBO when operating at 2.65 GHz.
If the combined saturated output power levels of the main and auxiliary amplifiers are used as the reference for OPBO, then IMD cancellation is limited to OPBOs of less than -6.3 dB.
The C/I goes to infinity for an OPBO greater than 3 dB.
For four carriers, the OPBO for no IMD increases to 6 dB.
The improvement in two-tone C/I as a function of OPBO achieved using a PD linearizer with a class A MESFET SSPA is shown in Figure 14.
Figure 16 shows the change in two-tone C/I as a function of carrier spacing at 4 dB OPBO for a 40 W, C-band, MESFET SSPA designed for satellite service.
The resultant C/I as a function of OPBO for a 30 MHz carrier spacing is shown in Figure 18.
However, FF becomes competitive for OPBOs greater than approximately 6 to 7 dB and may be the system of choice for high linearity requirements.
The improvement in two-tone C/I as a function of OPBO achieved by using a linearizer with a TWTA is shown in Figure 10.
Figure 11 shows efficiency related to OPBO for a modern high efficiency TWTA.
Linearization can reduce this spreading to an acceptable level (greater than 25 dB) for OPBOs of 0.25 to 0.5 dB from saturation.