OPBTOverland Park Baptist Temple (Kansas)
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This study includes OSA and OPBT range from pediatric to adult patients.
OCN Immunoreactivity in OSA and OPBT. Osteocalcin was expressed in the cytoplasm of OSA and OPBT tumour cells (Figure 1) and also on the osteoid.
ALP Immunoreactivity in OSA and OPBT. Alkaline Phosphatase was expressed in the cytoplasm of tumour cells (Figure 2).
In this study, OCN immunoreactivity showed no significant difference between OSA and OPBT. The OCN showed sensitivity of 68% and specificity of 36%.
Referring to our study result, there may be potential similarities that occur among molecular pathogenesis of OSA and OPBT among human and canine [19].
In conclusion, ALP immunohistochemistry is useful in discriminating OSA from OPBT. ALP is superior to OCN in OSA diagnosis.
Caption: Figure 1: OCN immunoreactivity: (a) positive immunoreactivity of OCN in OPBT (Ewing's Sarcoma) score 12 (200x), (b) negative immunoreactivity of OCN in Osteosarcoma, score 2 (200x), and (c) negative control (Osteosarcoma, 200x).
The OPBT strips away unneeded overhead and proprietary obstacles that hinder testing complex boards at low cost.
OPBT provides adaptable hardware, software, and fixturing tools that make achieving the lean test goal simpler and faster than with traditional ICT systems.
Just as in-circuit replaced digital functional test on so many factory floors 30 years ago, OPBT is the logical replacement for traditional ICT.
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The boundary scan chips on this particular board are tested using the Corelis ScanExpress[TM] subsystem, which has been fully integrated into the OPBT hardware and software.