OPCABGOff-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
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A total of 508 cases of OPCABG patients were included in this study.
The difference between preoperation and post-AF levels that has been shown in many studies may be due to POAF itself and may have nothing to do with OPCABG surgery.
However, collection of myocardial tissue is not routine in OPCABG. It can affect the integrity of the patient's heart and most patients reject this.
One-stage hybrid technique of PBPV and OPCABG was applied to these patients with satisfactory outcomes.
In our present cases, PBPV was followed by OPCABG in that PS was the main issue based on clinical manifestations and examinations.
DISCUSSION: With the re-emergence of OPCABG, interest has grown in the isolated effects of CPB on oxidative stress.
In summary, even OPCABG is associated with significant oxidative stress, administration of Nacetylcysteine by replenishing of the glutathione stores attenuates the stress response.
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: To assess the efficacy of NAC in attenuating oxidative stress response and its role on pulmonary function in patients undergoing OPCABG.
* OPCABG involving harvest of both mammary arteries.
(14) Studies have shown that both OPCABG and conventional CABG produces similar degrees of pulmonary dysfunction.
This rise in PAP-Diastole in the control group has also been observed by G W Staton et al, (28) in their study on pulmonary outcomes following OPCABG vs conventional CABG.