OPCOMOperational Command
OPCOMOperator Communication Manager
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Consequently, a party wishing to dispute the validity of cashcall or invoice request should try to make its points at the time when the underlying work programme and budget is set and approved at the OpCom [Operating Committee], or when an authority for the expenditure is submitted to the OpCom for approval.
Muskarac kao razumno i duhovno bice u analiziranome je korpusu obaju jezika kao i zena predstavljen najvecim brojem frazema koji se odnose na neku negativnu karakternu osobinu ili emociju, sto je u skladu s opcom tendencijom svojstvenom frazeologiji da ucestalo oslikava upravo negativne koncepte.
I had the opportunity to see how OPCOM Farm and edn are aiming to provide smart indoor gardens that increase people's ability to grow their own food.
After the trading session ends, SC Opcom SA sends the transaction confirmations to the Participants through the trading system.
OPCOM, the only power exchange in Romania, has been fined 1.031 million for abuse of its dominant position on the Romanian market for facilitating electricity spot trading.
Apart from bilateral contracts below, market price, outside or inside OPCOM, the power sector still displays regulated end-user tariffs, which are set very low in the regulated sector of the market (accounting for 47% of all retail electricity traded).
Additional authorities such as NATO tactical command (TACOM), (10) which is narrower in application than NATO OPCOM, are delegated to a commander to assign tasks to forces to accomplish the mission assigned.
The DCO manages all operational programs, the DCMS oversees acquisition and life-cycle logistics support for all systems, OPCOM oversees mission execution (subsuming the two area commands), and FORCECOM oversees all readiness capabilities.
For example, the Italian Capo di Stato Maggiore della Difesa (defense chief of staff) always wields operational command (OPCOM), the highest level of command in the military hierarchy, comparable to combatant command in the US military.
427 Special Operations Aviation squadron is given to us OPCOM with an asterisks and that in some ways it's actually stronger than OPCOM--which is the strongest relationship you can have without being actually intrical--but in areas such airworthiness and flight safety where neither I, nor the chief of air staff wants me to have those responsibilities, there's that very strong linkage back to the air force.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-4 April 2005-Carmen Systems AB acquires Australian software company Opcom Pty Ltd(C)1994-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.m2.com
OPCOM provides independent pay phone services to hotels,