OPCOMOperational Command
OPCOMOperator Communication Manager
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From 2008 to 2013, OPCOM required members of these markets to have a Romanian VAT registration and refused to work with traders that were already registered for VAT in other EU member states.
Apart from bilateral contracts below, market price, outside or inside OPCOM, the power sector still displays regulated end-user tariffs, which are set very low in the regulated sector of the market (accounting for 47% of all retail electricity traded).
Additional authorities such as NATO tactical command (TACOM), (10) which is narrower in application than NATO OPCOM, are delegated to a commander to assign tasks to forces to accomplish the mission assigned.
OPCOM will have oversight of all Coast Guard district commanders.
In summary, the Italian defense chief of staff assigned the mission and tasks (under his OPCOM authority) to a different subordinate commander--the COI commander or chief of the permanent joint task force--in order to deploy a joint task force in Iraq.
OPCOM determines and publishes the closing price of the centralized green certificates market and the number of certificates traded monthly on the centralized green certificates market.
The European Commission opened formal anti-trust proceedings,aon 11 December, against OPCOM and Transelectrica of Romania.
14) With the introduction of OPCOM into the joint force lexicon, the definition's similarity with OPCON generated a multidecade terminology debate on interpretation and correct usage.
Hidroelectrica has often been accused that it does not put its electricity production for competitive sale on the transparent transaction platform OPCOM (essentially, to "auction" its electricity in order to get the highest available price on the market in transparent and competitive terms).
The UK national C2 CONOPS for the deployment of UK forces on joint national operations assumed the appointment of a joint commander (It Cored), who exercises OPCOM at the military strategic and operational levels, and a joint task force commander (JTFC), who normally exercises operational control (OPCON) over assigned forces throughout a theatre of operations.
He added that wind energy has been the main driver for the 50 percent drop in electricity prices registered on the OPCOM market.
During the Cold War, NATO developed command authorities that fit neatly into a similar logical construct: supreme commanders for OPCOM, major subordinate commanders for OPCON (+/-), subordinate commanders for TACON (+/-), and national corps commanders for full command.