OPCSOptimum (Transmitter) Power Control Scheme
OPCSOffice of Population Censuses and Surveys (UK)
OPCSOffice of Population Censuses and Surveys
OPCSObligatory Political Correctness Syndrome
OPCSOperation Production Control Support
OPCSOrange Personal Communication Services (mobile telephone network)
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To determine whether the loss of function in aged OPCs was reversible, the researchers transplanted older OPCs from aged rats into the soft, spongy brains of younger animals.
In the study published in the Nature journal, researchers transplanted older OPCs from aged rats into the soft, spongy brains of younger animals.
The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Drug Policy Reform said in many other countries OPCs have had "good public health results".
It is important to note the tax and corporate implications of the One Person Corporation (OPC), which are under the specific guidelines released on May 6, 2019, to implement this new provision under the Revised Corporation Code.
Another plus for OPCs is its exemption from submission and filing of its bylaws, or the procedures to be followed in the conduct of its internal corporate affairs.
Pese a la importancia de la cooperacion y el uso que se ha dado a la OPCS en investigacion sobre comportamiento en ortodoncia pediatrica, existen pocos reportes en la literatura sobre sus propiedades psicometricas (Alhaija, Aldaikki, Al-Omairi, & Al-Khateeb, 2010).
They found that there was an unexpectedly early critical phase in PMD-affected cells characterized by endoplasmic reticulum stress and cell death as OPCs exit their progenitor state.
Organophosphate compounds (OPCs) are widely used as an agricultural insecticide; this widespread use has resulted in increased mortality and morbidity due to the OP poisoning, specifically in under developed countries.1 Globally, approximately three million OPCs poisoning cases have been reported annually, which results in almost 200,000 deaths.
To characterize the optical, physical, and chemical properties of the ATAL, we launched payloads specifically designed for aerosol measurements; these included an optically based instrument to measure aerosol backscatter properties (COBALD) and optical particle counters (OPCs) from the University of Wyoming (Wyo), NASA Langley Research Center (Lan), and LPC2E for aerosol size distribution and volatility.
"Once it gets installed on OPCs, I think you'll see...
OPCs were encouraged to propose whichever concept an employer was willing to adopt.