OPCVOffice of Public Counsel for Victims
OPCVOverseas Projects Corporation of Victoria Ltd. (exporting; Australia)
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(213.) See Lubanga Trial Judgment, supra note 33, [paragraph] 598 (noting that "[t]he OPCV relies on the submissions of Ms.
USD), whereas the OPCV would receive close to 1.2 million euros (1.6
1,160,200 euros for the OPCV and 1,873,000 euros for VPRS, among
The OPCV is a major provider of consultancy services and technology transfer for development-assistance projects throughout the region.
Within the health sector, OPCV is managing programs in Fiji, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines and Vanuatu.
For instance, the trial chamber in the Kenyan cases presumed that victims' interests would be better represented if the common legal representative was based in Kenya as opposed to in The Hague, arguing that "greater geographic proximity between victims and the Common Legal Representative is important to ensure that victims can communicate easily and personally with their representative and thus ensure meaningful representation." (59) Although the decision narrows the geographical distance between the representative and the victims, it also increases the distance between the representative and the court: When the common legal representative is based on site, he or she in turn is generally represented in the courtroom by the ICC's Office of Public Counsel for Victims (OPCV).
34 The Office of Public Counsel for Victims (OPCV) provides support and assistance to the legal representatives of victims and the victims themselves, when they are participating in proceedings or applying for reparations.