OPDAIndependent Progressive Democratic Alternative (Suriname)
OPDAOlivier Poivre D'Arvor (French author)
OPDAOdessa Public Development Authority (Odessa, WA)
OPDAOxydiphthalic Anhydride
OPDAOptimal Protection Domain Allocation
OPDAOrleans Parish District Attorney (Louisiana)
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OPDA has generated a 7-to-l return on investment and has enhanced fiscal monitoring and financial oversight.
See examples of ways in which OPDA initiatives have helped mitigate expenditures, increase revenue, and save time, and improve fiscal monitoring and financial oversight at gfoa.
Algorithm 1: OPDA 1 Inputs: [alpha], UPL, LPL 2 Output: migration list 3 Foreach host in hostlist do { 4 Read resource usage data.
From the presented results the OPDA algorithm brought down SLA violation to the minimum comparing to other algorithms specially RUA, that's because OPDA made preemptive migration which minimized the overloaded time hence reduced the SLA violation.
A possible role of DTT, added as a preservative, in preventing complete enzymatic oxidation of AA seems unlikely since the coupling of DHAA with OPDA should pull the reaction to completion.
In model 5's non-TVC analysis, OPDA has so little variation and is therefore so colinear with other variables that a huge standard error is obtained.