OPDAOttoman Public Debt Administration (est. 1881)
OPDAIndependent Progressive Democratic Alternative (Suriname)
OPDAOlivier Poivre D'Arvor (French author)
OPDAOdessa Public Development Authority (Odessa, WA)
OPDAOxydiphthalic Anhydride
OPDAOptimal Protection Domain Allocation
OPDAOrleans Parish District Attorney (Louisiana)
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OPDA was established to develop and lead performance initiatives.
Since OPDA's inception, Cincinnati's performance management programs have had a profound impact on improving service delivery and overall efficiency.
OPDA has generated a 7-to-l return on investment and has enhanced fiscal monitoring and financial oversight.
The complete procedure of OPDA is presented in Algorithm 1.
Algorithm 1: OPDA 1 Inputs: [alpha], UPL, LPL 2 Output: migration list 3 Foreach host in hostlist do { 4 Read resource usage data.
The effect of HCl concentration on the aqueous oxidative polymerization of OPDA was investigated using constant concentration of [K.sub.2][Cr.sub.2][O.sub.7] at 0.3 M and monomer concentration at 0.1 M and using different concentration of HCl at 5 [+ or -] 0.2[degrees]C.
The aqueous polymerization of OPDA (0.1 mol) was carried out in 25 mL of HCl solution (0.2 mol) in the presence of 25 mL potassium dichromate as oxidant of different molarities at 5[degrees]C for different time intervals.
AA, AA oxidase, dithiothreitol (DTT), and OPDA were all purchased from Sigma Chemical Co.
OPDA was dissolved to a concentration of 4.6 mmol/L in 0.1 mol/L phosphate buffer, pH 6.5.
We observe only one war in our data set (the Vietnam War) in which the strategy combination is OPDA, and only a few cases of OADP.
First, since the Vietnam War is the only war in the population with the strategy OPDA (offensive punishment, defensive attrition), we are forced to drop that variable.