OPDOOromo People's Democratic Organization (Ethiopia)
OPDOOffice of Professional Development Outreach (University of Minnesota)
OPDOOpen Doors
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Also, several garee leaders privately expressed their scepticism about the garee's role, for example as an effective means of achieving development or as an instrument of the OPDO during the 2005 elections.
59) After contestations in the 2005 elections, the ruling government had learned that 'forcing people for the OPDO is not good', as a kebele chairman underscored.
For example, non-Oromo in Oromia could join the OPDO, non-Tigraway in Tigray could join the TPLF, and non-Amhara in Amhara regional state could join the ANDM.
One of the major contradictions between the TPLF and the OLF was the creation and use of the OPDO to undermine die Oromo question.
39) After coming to the realization that the OLF is an independent and mature organization, Oromo elders and community leaders called on four Oromo organizations, including the OPDO, to join the Oromo national movement.
OPC Chairman, Professor Merrara Gudina says the decision passed following OPDO emergency meeting doesn't yet guarantee a permanent halt of the expansion plan.
local pro-colonialist loyalist forces, as represented by OPDO and its
meaning for it, simply because OPDO and its alliance distorted its interpretation.