OPEAOklahoma Public Employees Association
OPEAOak Park Education Association (Michigan)
OPEAOntario Professional Engineers Awards (Canada)
OPEAOutdoor Power Equipment Association
OPEAOklahoma Palomino Exhibitors Association
OPEAOregon Professional Electronics Association
OPEAOffice of Planning Evaluation and Analysis
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"The merit system can certainly be improved to allow agencies more flexibility and to ensure consistency among different agencies," OPEA Executive Director Sterling Zearley said.
This is also highlighted by the Valencian Community OPEA Programme experts (European Commission 2007).
European Commission (2007) Evaluating effectiveness and impact of the OPEA programme, established by Spanish National Employment Action for Employment 2004, in the framework of the EES, http://www.florida-uni.es/ web_es/servicios/insercion-profesional-orientacion-laboral-y-profesionalevaluacionprograma-opea/-/1/132/530/.
That single set of performances of the Ring in Montreal remained the only performances of the cycle in Canada until the Canadian Opea Company's current production.
445) Antidegradent Polycarbodiimide (Rhenogran GE1777) DOS Dioctyl sebacate TAIC Triallyl isocyanurate (Diak #7) Peroxide Bis(t-butyl-peroxy) disopropylbenzene (Vulcup 40KE - 40% on Burgess clay) OPEA Organic phosphate ester free acid (Vanfre VAN) Plasticizer Ether/ester plasticizer DOTG Di-o-tolyl guanidine HMDC (Diak #1) Hexamethylene diamine carbamate Table 4--general rheological characteristics of EVM and its blends Property EVM 60 75/25 50/50 25/75 EVM 70 t05 (min.) 135[derees]C >30 >30 >30 >30 >30 ML 1+4 @ 100[degrees]C (MU) 26 25 24 23 22 MDR at 180[degrees]C, 1.7 Hz, 1[degrees] arc, 30 min.
OPEA persuaded the state youth commission to tackle 4,000 backlogged cases.
The Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA), passed in 1977, and the Ontario Pay Equity Act (OPEA), passed 10 years later, require that employers provide equal pay for men and women serving in comparable positions.
The dissociatioa rather suggests two differeat strands in the traditioa, and this assumptioa gains credit when we turn to the Epinal-Erfurt-Corpus complex of glossaries and opea, for example, the Corpus Glossary.(16) Here we find the items praetor : praefectus (P 678), praetorium : domus judiciaria (P 622) and, conspicuously, praetor : in cujus domo judicium judicatur (P 6 20).
On Sunday, September 1, Brecon-based Opea Box stage an open-air production of Puccini's La Boheme.
After hearing the association members describe a backlog of 4,000 cases and an increase in child abuse referrals, the commission asked OPEA to coordinate a series of statewide hearings to educate communities about the broad issues and resources available to protect the children and to solicit community input concerning local child welfare issues.