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OPEDOPposite the EDitorial page (newspaper opinions/viewpoints)
OPEDOuachita Partnership for Economic Development (Ouachita, AR)
OPEDOdense University Pharmacoepidemiological Database (University of Southern Denmark; Odense, Denmark)
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Several Catholic schools are among the OpEd Project's clients, including Forclham University Loyola University Chicago and DePaul, which are parthers in the Public Voices program.
The collaborative process provided OPED with anecdotal insights into neighborhood and community issues.
On Tuesday, Hiatt e-mailed a specific reponse to the McCaffrey column."The NYT article serves as another good warning to all editors to insist on full disclosure of conflicts of interest, but there is nothing in it thatmakes me sorry we published this oped," Hiatt wrote.