OPEFBOil Palm Empty Fruit Bunches
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These peaks are because of cellulose crystalline phase of the OPEFB fiber [6].
Besides that, the reinforcement of OPEFB fiber into HDPE/clay had produced two shoulders of a TG curve which specify the decomposition of two materials.
The higher thermal stability of treated OPEFB fiber composite were happened simply because the outer surface of OPEFB fiber which consist of wax and oil had been removed during the alkali treatment.
The highest tensile strength for both untreated and treated OPEFB fiber composite is at 300 pm which are 20.
After the reinforcement of untreated and treated OPEFB fiber, the tensile modulus has increased and decreased significantly.
The result indicates there is a large increment in tensile modulus with the presence of OPEFB fibers and MAPE as a coupling agent.
Meanwhile, by the presence of the coupling agent increased the mechanical properties that gave the better bonding between OPEFB fibers and HDPE matrix.
The influence of OPEFB fibers and MAPE as a coupling agent reported as the good mechanical performance and environmental advantages.
Effects of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch (OPEFB) Fibre Size on Fracture Toughness of OPEFB Filled Polymer Nanocomposite.