OPEFBOil Palm Empty Fruit Bunches
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OPEFB vascular bundles were pulverized with dry disk milling for 27 minutes and sieved with a 100-mesh sieve analyzer.
(2017a), MFC materials exhibit a higher crystallinity than raw OPEFB microfibers (Solikhin et al.
We have succeeded to isolate cellulose nanofibers from OPEFBs by acid hydrolysis [5].
Each year, Indonesia produces a lot of OPEFBs as a byproduct of the palm oil industry.
The predicted versus experimental values for yield and adsorption capacity of OPEFB biochar are illustrated in Figures 1 and 2, respectively.
Based on the ANOVA, all three variables and their quadratic effect were found to be significant on the adsorption capacity of OPEFB biochar; however, HTT with F-value of 33.4246 was the most influential factor.
The oil palm empty fruit bunch (OPEFB) fiber was obtained from Poly Region Sdn.
OPEFB fibers obtained in the form of short fibers were sieved to separate the particles to get the range size of between 300 pm to 355 [micro]m.
OPEFB consists of 67% of holocellulose (cellulose and hemicellulose) and 24% of lignin [6].
Jalaludin, "Thermal and dynamic mechanical behavior of Cellulose and Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bubch (OPEFB)-filledpolypropylenebiocomposites," Journal of Polymer, vol.
This may be the reason why PBS/OPMF biocomposites especially at high OPMF loading exhibit higher tensile, flexural and impact strengths, and tensile and flexural moduli than those of PBS/ OPEFB biocomposites.