OPEMOphthalmoplegia, External, and Myopia
OPEMOriental Pharmacy and Experimental Medicine (Seoul, South Korea)
OPEMOppenheim Private Equity Manager GmbH (Cologne, Germany)
OPEMOperations Engineering and Management (Northwestern University)
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On October 12, two batches of workers attended OPEM conducted by Benjie Requintina, DOLE focal Officer for Migrant Workers in partnership with Angeline Javier from Sacada Desk of the Provincial Government of Antique.
JONATHAN BELL: How long has OPEM been involved with pod making technology?
JB: Recently, OPEM has offered a variety of pod-making options.
Now at OPEM, we make machines with the capabilities to form non-round shapes, such as triangles, trapezoids and pentagons.
JB: One attribute that OPEM now offers is the roaster signature, similiar to a watermark in the pod paper itself.
OPEM is working to design the next generation of high-speed machines.