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OPENMGOpen Magic Gate
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Since a joint announcement in 2000, RealNetworks and Sony have cooperated to integrate Sony technologies, such as ATRAC3 sound compression format and OpenMG copyright protection technology, with various RealNetworks' products including RealPlayer and RealJukebox.
Sony has also created a digital rights management system consisting of "MagicGate" and "OpenMG" components, which limits where and how many times a given song may be copied.
RealNetworks plans to integrate support for Sony music technologies into RealJukebox, including ATRAC3, its sound compression format, as well as OpenMG copyright protection technology, the Sony Memory Stick and its portable audio players such as "Memory Stick Walkman" and "VAIO Music Clip." The enhancement to RealJukebox is expected to ship in the summer, and will be designed for use with "OpenMG" on PCs to comply with SDMI (Secure Digital Music Initiative) requirements for copyright management.