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OPETOffice for Professional Education and Technology (Switzerland)
OPETOrganisations for the Promotion of Energy Technologies
OPETOutdoor Power Equipment Technician
OPETOyster Pond Environmental Trust (Woods Hole, MA)
OPETOrganization, Personnel Equipment, and Training
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Joj, glagol dogovoriti, opet jedan poslovni glagol, no sto nam znaci?
Amorphous OPET was obtained from Shahid Tond-guyan petrochemical complex (STPC), Mahshar, Iran.
Vytvoreny model predpoklada pro ekonomiku SR prumernou rocni miru rustu 2,76 % a pro ekonomiku CR 2,38 % na zaklade jejich vychozich urovni HDP na obyvatele (9 692 dolaru pro SR a 14 401 dolaru pro CR, vyjadreno opet v konstantni mene).
A final complementarity is found in the reconstitution of the corpse of Sokar-Osiris in the Opet temple and the rebirth of Osiris Merty in the temple of Khonsu.
We typically don't jump into someone's country and trample on their cellular system anymore," said Patrick Opet, MONAX lead systems engineer.
The mulid, in particular, imbibed important features of its precursor, the Opet Feast, which originated at least from the time of the reign of Queen Hatshepsut and may have been performed to commemorate the annual rising of the Nile at the start of the inundation.
Tema loost ilmneb, kuidas kogeb mujalt tulnu eesti keele opet kursusel, tool ja kodus ning kuidas sujub keeleeksam: tunnid meenutasid lasteaiamangu, kus tegeldi peamiselt muinasjuttudega, tool ja kaupluses puudis ta eesti keeles raakida, ent temast ei saadud aru ning mindi ule vene keelele.
El OPET centra sus investigaciones principalmente en las ocupaciones relativas a la asistencia sanitaria, trabajo social y las artes.
Commenting on the performance of group companies, Koc Holding's CEO Turgay Durak said that Turkish Petroleum Refineries Corporation (TUPRAS) had achieved its profitability goals despite the problems in global refining sector, while the group's liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) supplier Aygaz had managed to maintain its 30 percent market share, and fuel retailer OPET had made a 277 million USD investment and increased its market share to 17 percent.
7) A este respecto, es muy notorio el caso de la fiesta egipcia de Opet, donde la triada tebana salia de sus templos y era transportada en barcas hasta Luxor, para volver finalmente a su "sede" pasados unos dias.
No final, duas instituicoes atenderam aos requisitos: a unidade de Curitiba do Centro Federal de Educacao Tecnologica do Parana [CEFET-PR], hoje Universidade Tecnologica Federal do Parana [UTFPR] e o Centro de Educacao Tecnologica Opet (hoje Faculdade de Tecnologia Opet).