OPEVALOperational Evaluation
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VX-9 initiated the OPEVAL Phase IT testing at China Lake in February.
He was down three bodies out of seven with no immediate relief in time for OPEVAL. He had to issue and load cash onto 600 Navy Cash cards for the Marines, the line outside the Disbursing Office was quite a challenge.
If the opeval scheduled for May is successful, the Navy would proceed with full-rate production of up to 215 CEC systems, which would be fielded in destroyers, cruisers, large-deck amphibious vessels, carriers and E-2C Hawkeye naval surveillance aircraft.
During the OPEVAL time frame, a dispute between North Korea and the ROK regarding non-OPEVAL related territorial issues resulted in armed confrontation in the Yellow Sea.
Although integrated testing will never replace the statutory or prudent requirement to conduct separate and independent operational T&E, enabling operational testers to use verified data from integrated test events earlier in the program will provide clearer insight into a system's ability to complete initial operational test and evaluation (IOT&E) or operational evaluation (OPEVAL) and reduce the length of a system's operational test and the subsequent evaluation.
Having a plan is good, briefing it is better, and quickly executing that plan can keep you from doing an unplanned opeval of your survival gear, donating body fluids, losing an airplane, or having your name stamped on a death certificate.
After the formal integration testing at the CTSF, an ABCS 6.4 Test Event/Software Block One Operation Evaluation (SWB1 OPEVAL) will be conducted during a division training exercise under multiple Test and Evaluation Master Plans (TEMPs).
The EA-6B Prowler Improved Capability (ICAP) III airborne electronic attack weapon system began operational evaluation (OPEVAL) in April with Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 9, China Lake, Calif.
Following successful completion of its developmental technical evaluation (TECHEVAL), the ICAP III system is now set to begin operational evaluation (OPEVAL), the last step before a decision on full production.
The Navy has announced that tests of the Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) and the combat systems with which it is integrated are such that it can expect a successful Operational Evaluation (OPEVAL) of the system during the tests scheduled for April and May.
Moreover, the vessel will also probably require a more potent radar system than the commercial equipment used during the Opeval, which experienced difficulties in identifying surface targets of interest.
That is, Operational Evaluation slipped 15 months from June 2007 to September 2008 because the only Navy platform capable of performing RMS OPEVAL (DDG-96) is unavailable due to the ship's deployment schedule.