OPFCOrlando Pirates Football Club (South Africa)
OPFCOld Pauline Football Club (UK)
OPFCOrbital Prefrontal Cortex (neurobiology)
OPFCOne Piece Fan Club (Japanese comic fan group)
OPFCOhio Public Facilities Commission
OPFCOld Parmiterians Football Club (UK)
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Amphetamine consistently increased spine density and dendritic branches in the NAc core, NAc shell, mPFC, caudate, and putamen, but decreased spine density in oPFC and Oc1.
Opioids Spine density Dendritic branches NAc shell Decreased Decreased NAc core NA NA CPu NA NA mPFC Decreased Decreased oPFC Increased NA Par1 Decreased Decreased Oc1 Decreased NA Hippocampus Decreased NA VTA Soma size decreased Stimulants Spine density Dendritic branches NAc shell Increased Increased NAc core Increased Increased CPu Increased Increased mPFC Increased Increased oPFC Decreased NA Par1 NA NA Oc1 Decreased NA Hippocampus NA NA VTA Increased Increased Abbreviations: CPu = caudate putamen; mPFC = medial prefrontal cortex; NA = no data; NAc = nucleus accumbens; Oc1 = occipital cortex; oPFC = orbital prefrontal cortex; Par1 = parietal cortex; VTA = ventral tegmental area.
Because s 55 of the Australian Constitution provides that laws imposing taxation must deal only with taxation, that part of the Fund 1992 dealing with financial contributions (in effect levies or taxes) is not dealt with directly in the OPFC Act, (105) but in three separate Acts relating exclusively to customs and excise.
The amendment of the OPFC Act is to take effect on the day the Convention comes into force for Australia.
The bonds currently offered are secured by rental payments that are appropriated biennially under a lease agreement between the OPFC and the Mental Health Departments and the OPFC and the DYS.
The bonds are special obligations of the state, payable from payments under separate lease agreements between the Ohio Public Facilities Commission (OPFC) and the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (DRC) and the Department of Administrative Services (DAS).