OPFOROpposing Force
OPFOROperating Force (US DoD)
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The ride along program also includes a chance to "peer behind the enemy's curtain" and observe the OPFOR S-2 section as they prepare for operations against friendly forces.
The OPFOR took into account professional development and maintained a platoon structure similar to that of the Military Police Corps; troop-leading procedures were an absolute necessity and were required before each mission.
Cadets and Cadet Instructor cadre (CIC) staff were warmly welcomed at the daily camp town hall meetings at the OPFOR camp during the field phase of this visit.
Perhaps most important, the OCT network is not embroiled in "fighting" the OPFOR or the burden of external evaluation.
The 'art' of portraying OPFOR involves presenting plausible changes in OPFOR behavior, such as indications and warnings, reactions to Staff Group actions, likely political constraints and so forth, as they relate to event scenarios."
Normally, maneuver commanders want to canalize the OPFOR into the center of the 15T to mass effects on them.
Units reacted to the OPFOR for the duration of the exercise, starting with a chemical attack once the quartering party arrived on the ground.
- T-100 commander optics features in line with OPFOR tracked vehicles
The opposing force (OPFOR) was a fight-to-win, free play organization whose mission was to provide a realistic and tough representation of the enemy.
The opposing force (OPFOR or "Red"), "the stone upon which the Air Force hones its combat skills," constitutes a key component of realistic, meaningful training.
"When they get somebody, they maneuvered right and they chopped up the OPFOR out there, they'll all say, 'Yeah, look at him, man!