OPFSOne Parent Families Scotland (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
OPFSOld Perverts from Sweden (gaming clan)
OPFSOutpatient Fee Schedule
OPFSOracle Parallel Fail Safe (database tool)
OPFSOver Protective Father Syndrome
OPFSOrder Processing and Fulfillment System
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Chin [20] employed polyester polymer to evaluate the tensile properties of OPF composite.
In other words, adding OPF to polymer for making composite or to existing composite for making hybrid composite causes the reduction in tensile strength and increasing in tensile modulus that this new product has lower potential of internal strain energy than the pure resin or initial composite, respectively:
Based on the literature, oil palm fiber generally has low mechanical properties and also can be used as reinforcement in polymer composite with lowaspect ratio that these two main reasons cause lower mechanical properties of OPF composite in comparison with the initial polymer.
(1) The tensile strength of OPF polymer composites is less than the tensile strength of pure resin which was used in the composite generally.
(2) The tensile modulus of OPF polymer composites is higher than the tensile modulus of some pure resins such as polypropylene or polyester which was used in the composite but there is no significant result about increasing the tensile modulus of OPF Epoxy composite as compared to pure epoxy.
(3) Due to increasing of tensile modulus and decreasing of tensile strength of OPF polymer composites, the elongation at break of OPF composite is reduced as compared to pure resin which was used in the composite.
(4) OPF polymer composite has lower flexural strength and higher flexural modulus than pure resin which was used in making composite.
In other words, the OPF polymer composite can absorb load less than pure resin.
(6) OPF fiber reduces the mechanical properties of composites when it is added to any composite to make a new hybrid.
(7) In general concept, because of the lower mechanical properties of OPF fiber in comparison to other fibers used usually, using of OPF fiber can only reduce the new hybrid composite mechanical properties.
Information on the effect of OPF fiber on other polymers like vinyl ester and hybridization to other fibers such as carbon fiber, steel wire, and other natural fibers is limited although it is possible to have an estimation of the mechanical properties due to previous study.
Varadharaju, "Dynamic mechanical properties of oil palm fibre (OPF)-linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) biocomposites and study of fibre-matrix interactions," Biosystems Engineering, vol.