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OPGLOsteoprotegerin Ligand
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The ligand for osteoprotegerin (OPGL) directly activates mature osteoclasts.
La citoquina RANKL, tambien conocida como ligando de OPG (OPGL), factor de diferenciacion de osteoclastos (ODF) o citoquina inductora de activacion relacionada a TNF (TRANCE), miembro TNFSF11 de la superfamilia de receptores y ligandos TNF, estimula directamente la diferenciacion y activacion de osteoclastos, a traves de la interaccion con su receptor especifico RANK en la superficie de las celulas progenitoras del linaje osteoclastico y en los osteoclastos maduros.
OPGL, AMGN-0007, and murine monoclonal antibody were purified essentially as described previously (1, 7).
OPGL was immobilized on the surface of the microtiter plate.
The abilities of OPG analogs to bind to solid-phase-bound OPGL were compared (Fig.
RANKL, also called TNF-related activation induced cytokine, TRANCE; osteoclast differentiation factor, ODF; and osteoprotegerin ligand, OPGL, is a type II transmembrane protein belonging to the TNF superfamily, whose gene was cloned fifteen years ago by four different groups contemporaneously [13-16].