OPIACOrganización de los Pueblos Indigenas de la Amazonia Colombiana (Spanish: Organization of Indigenous Peoples of the Colombian Amazon)
OPIACOccasional Papers Institute for Antiquity and Christianity (Institute for Antiquity and Christianity; Claremont, CA)
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Those with a casual interest will likely find Goehring's previously published work on Abraham more approachable (see, for instance, "Chalcedonian Power Politics and the Demise of Pachomian Monasticism," OPIAC 15 [Claremont: Institute for Antiquity and Christianity, 1989], reprinted in Ascetics, Society, and the Desert: Studies in Early Egyptian Monasticism [Harrisburg: Trinity Press International, 1999], 241-61, and "Remembering Abraham of Farshut: History, Hagiography, and the Fate of the Pachomian Tradition," JECS 14 [2006]: 1-26), but scholars of Coptic language and Egyptian monasticism will find that the present book complements Goehring's earlier work and will be pleased to have handy editions and translations of all the relevant texts on hand in this volume.
The Koran have lost over 80 percent of their territory," says Benedicto Juaibioy of OPIAC (Organizacion de los Pueblos Indigenas de la Amazonia Colombiana).