OPIFOrganizational Performance Indicator Framework (Philippines)
OPIFOperation Iraqi Freedom
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OPIF recommends maximum ceiling of 20 acres and distribution of two acres to landless peasant family of five.
OPIF recommends immediate leasing of all Katchi Abadis and Goths in urban areas and that Rs2000 per square yard for the development works in such areas should be fixed.
OPIF recommends that SBP should become so independent that it can rebuff government's request to print unnecessary notes and release them as loans.
OPIF recommends adoption of tax system of Canada, UK, France, Germany, or Holland.
OPIF recommends a small government and closure of 50pc of ministries and departments to cut cost and remove hurdles in the working of the market system and reduce corruption originating from these so called regulatory authorities.
OPIF recommends establishment of six FTZs immediately to attract massive investments and creation of jobs.
OPIF recommends fast track move on Safta implementation, opening of six additional border posts, granting of five years multiple entry visas to deserving Indians and other Saarc country nationals.
OPIF recommends three new provinces in Balochistan, two new in Punjab, one new each in KPK and Sindh.
OPIF also recommends relocation of all new capital in center of each provinces while the country's capital should be moved to a central point like Dera Ghazi Khan.
OPIF recommend three shift working of existing courts and creation of Nigerian style courts to take care of smaller cases.
OPIF recommends immediate implementation of these measures to improve understanding the message of Islam and improving moral values.
Thanks to the inefficiencies of the OPIF, research into sponsorship identification is prohibitively time-consuming.