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OPIMOther Potentially Infectious Material
OPIMOperations and Information Management
OPIMOpplevelsesproduksjon Og Interaktive Medier (game design class at Hedmark University College, Norway)
OPIMOne Point Implementation Methodology
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In this section, the following formulation is given to explain the basic concept of OPIM for second order differential equations.
Since cleaning a square foot of flooring on a construction site is not the same as cleaning a square foot of wood flooring that contains human remains, routine tasks such as the removal of flooring, ceilings, walls and cabinetry must frequently be pulled from other categories even though the allowance does not reflect the additional risks of dealing with biological fluids and OPIM.
http:// opim.wharton.upenn.edu/~srick/KnowledgeTransfer 7-5-07.doc (accessed 07/22/2009).
In mid-March, the Washington-based Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), part of the Organizations of American States (OAS), issued a sharp rebuke to the Mexican federal government for failing to protect the rights of members of the Organizacion del Pueblo Indigena Me'phaa (OPIM).
[5] Ishige, T., Honda, K., and Shimizu, S., 2005, "Whole organism biocatalysis, " Curr, Opim. Chem.
(2002) Part 1--Towards an OPIM system: manufacturing SME organisation for the future.
While recognizing that contact with raw sewage and waste water pose a number of health hazards, OSHA does not generally consider the contact with diluted raw sewage or waste water [e.g., not originating directly from a health care facility or other source of bulk blood of other potentially infectious materials (OPIM)] to be related to blood-borne pathogens.
Biohazard labels should be attached to containers of regulated medical waste, including sharp disposal containers, refrigerators and freezers containing blood, or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) and containers used to store or transport blood or OPIM.
FAR LEFT TOP: a flamboyant costume worn during opim haus, a ritual to celebrate the opening of a house
ALOK GUPTA (alok@sbaserv.sba.uconn.edu) is an assistant professor in the Department of OPIM at the University of Connecticut.