OPMIOutside Passive Minority Investor
OPMIOperations Mikroskop (surgical microscope)
OPMIOur Planet Management Institute, Ltd. (New York, NY)
OPMIOperator Military Intelligence (UK)
OPMIOutput Module Interface
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The OPMI VARIO 700 has a compact design and extensive suspension arm reach which has greatly expanded the system's effective work area and provides tremendous flexibility in the OR environment whether large or small.
Los osiculos fueron identificados y clasificados segun lateralidad, luego micro fotografiados con un microscopio quirurgico de diagnostico OPMI Pico, Carl Zeiss, a un aumento 1.6 x y, osteo-metricamente analizados con un paquimetro electronico marca Mitutoyo.
The opening of the round window membrane with the C[O.sub.2] laser was performed with a Zeiss S5, OPMI TwinER (20 W).
Martin Whitman stated, "it can safely be stated that there does not exist any publicly-traded company where management works exclusively in the best interests of Opmi [Outside Passive Minority Investor] stockholders.
An operating microscope (S88, Opmi Vario, Carl Zeiss Surgical GmbH, Oberkochen, Germany) was then brought into the operating field, and the cord was examined under 15-20X magnification.
After accurate vitreous and vitreous base removal with vitrectomy (Stellaris, Bausch & Lomb, Rochester, New York, USA), endoilluminator and room temperature infusion fluid at surgical microscope (OPMI 1, Carl Zeiss, Jena, Germany), and accurate epiretinal membranes' peeling with surgical instruments, it was impossible to reattach the peripheral retina because of strong epi- and intraretinal PVR tissue in peripheral retina.
All vascular anastomoses were done with 10-0 nylon under the operating microscope (Zeiss Opmi Vario).
"When we introduced OPMI Pentero to the market in 2004, we set new, pioneering standards in the user-oriented enhancement of surgical microscope design.
Este metodo de fijacion platina-implante significa que la platina no tiene porque tocar al hueso, lo cual es una ventaja particular denominada osteosintesis percutanea minimamente invasiva (OPMI), ya que la platina, por no necesitar estar adherida al hueso por completo, no es obligatorio contornear la platina a la exactitud de la anatomia del mismo para lograr la estabilidad requerida [7].
M2 PHARMA-September 15, 2010-Carl Zeiss introduces OPMI VARIO 700 surgical microscope(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
The surgical site was magnified with a Zeiss surgical operating microscope (OPMI, Carl Zeiss, Oberkochen, Germany).