OPNETOperations Network
OPNETOptimized Network Engineering Tool (software)
OPNETOlympic Peninsula Narcotics Enforcement Team
OPNETOffice of the President Network (Philippines)
OPNETOperational New Equipment Training
OPNETOptimized Network Evaluation Tool
OPNETSMDPS Phase III Operational Network
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Gracias a las numerosas ventajas y debido a la poderosa interfaz grafica y estadistica que maneja, el uso por parte de grupos academicos es alto, puesto que la manera de simular es muy intuitiva, pero necesita de gran cantidad de conocimientos previos en redes y programacion para enfrentarse a la herramienta, por lo cual la curva de aprendizaje de OPNET es alta.
1000 simulation samples are collected from OPNET simulation to train the classifier, where half of the samples are collected under CSMA/CA protocol while the rest half are under TDMA protocol.
LEACH-SM is evaluated using Zigbee nodes in OPNET Network Simulator [23], which is a well-known discrete event simulator.
The data throughput of 65 Mbps base and 600 Mbps maximum is selected for OPNET simulation.
Qing and Cong [45] explain that the OPNET modeler provides different levels of modeling, depending on the requirements of the simulation.
In order to analyze the performance of the proposed protocol, we implement the protocol simulation on OPNET.
In the simulation, the delay, and packet loss of each subqueue (using built-in statistic functions in OPNET) are measured.
In OPNET the throughput is defined as the total number of successfully transmitted data packets per simulation time.
Liu, "Simulating the PCC architecture of LTE networks in OPNET", in 2013 3rd International Conference on Computer Science and Network Technology (ICCSNT), Dalian, 2013, pp.
Optimized network engineering tool (OPNET) modeler academic edition version 17.5 was used for the simulations.
There are several established tools for the simulation of wireless networks protocols, including ns-2 [2], OPNeT Modeler [3] and GloMoSim [4].