OPODOpenbaar Primair Onderwijs Dordrecht (Dutch: Dordrecht Primary Public Education; Netherlands)
OPODOffice of Professional and Organizational Development
OPODOver Promise, Over Deliver
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The municipality of Dordrecht spends through this tendering process, the cleaning service for the 12 schools and the staff office OPOD Foundation (Public Primary Education Dordrecht).
Contract award: cleaning services and supplying sanitary ware foundation opod.
Announcement of a contract awarded: Eu cleaning agency opod
growth in export value of old products among old destinations (OPOD).
There's a lot crammed into the OPod. It consists of two sections of 2.5 meter, or about 8 feet, diameter pipes fitted with glass doors on both ends.
James Law's OPod Tube Housing is still just at the conceptual stage, but it's attracted attention as an innovative, though untested, way to deal with housing shortages.
'My dream is the OPods will be a new kind of living for young people just starting out in life,' Law said.
Caption: An OPod Tube House - a converted concrete water pipe, offering 100 square feet of living space.
Law says that construction of a multi-storey OPod building is already under way in Shenzhen, in mainland China, and will be ready for rental by September.
But one architect thinks he has a solution: the OPod, a 100-square-foot temporary apartment made out of concrete drainpipes.
Caption: Stacked OPods could fit between buildings, as shown in this rendering.