OPORDOperation/Operational Order
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The current Chemical Corps vision has gone through a long maturation process but needs a written OPORD that clearly articulates for everyone, from the commandant on down to the most junior chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) Soldier, how we as a Corps will achieve it.
Additionally, the training can be leveraged to develop staff sections more fully with the generation of WARNORDs, OPORDs and other staff products, said Casazza.
In addition, the ROE sections of the SPINS are as binding on the aviator as ROE from an OPORD.
The combination of the Decisive Action Training Environment (DATE) Task Order, FRAGORD 19 to OPORD 09-008 TRADOC Campaign Plan 10-11, and TRADOC Regulation 350-70 Army Learning Policy and Systems, directs entities with the leader development, training, and education (LDTE) mission to use approved scenarios, and preferably the DATE from which to design scenarios.
The Legal Support Appendix and the process to legally review an OPORD are discussed below (for a discussion on ROE, refer to the Operational Law Handbook (164)).
The automations Soldiers in the shop employed the same local folder sharing on user laptops, but again, the issue of a ten user limit became apparent when every company commander and staffer tried to access the latest OPORD documents related to the training exercise.
The OPORD also contained two maps that were reduced in file size to less than 50 kilobytes each by reducing the image resolution and changing file type.
The CLP commander gives his operation order (OPORD) to all CLP personnel in the presence of the battalion commander, and the battalion commander conducts an OPORD after-action review (AAR) with the CEP commander.
We write OPORDs for everything that we do in the Army--from conducting battalion runs to participating in major combat operations--so why wouldn't we write an OPORD that supports implementing the Vision?