OPORDOperation/Operational Order
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For those that are inexperienced, a planning or preparation checklist outlining what to provide subordinates during each step of the TLPs in the form of a WARNORD, SOEO, and OPORD will lead to better time management and better preparation by those subordinate units.
(52.) Headquarters, Combined-Joint Task Force 7, Fragmentary Order 480 (CI to FRAGO 250M--Amendment to Commander's Emergency Response Program) to CJTF-7 OPORD 03-036 (222351 July 03).
The brigade established the current high-payoff targets (HPTs) at the previous day's targeting meeting or from the initial OPORD. The staff should coordinate the proposed high-value targets (HVTs) with the brigade fire support officer (FSO); and the S3 or executive officer (XO) should confirm them before the meeting.
On 9 December 2001, CFLCC published fragmentary order (FRAGO) 02 to CFLCC OPORD 02-005, which directed the movement of a colonel from CFLCC C3 (Rear) to assume command of Task Force Baghram.
(27.) Headquarters, 82d Airborne Division, Fragmentary Order 238 (CERP Program Update DFI, Appropriated and Seized), OPORD 03-12 (CHAMPION VICTORY), Annex A (on file with author).
The WARNORD kicks off a series of actions similar to a battle drill to enable the rapid production of the company OPORD. While the subordinate units issue their WARNORDs, the FSC first sergeant would begin determining logistics considerations for the upcoming mission.
These must be passed out no later than the initial squadron OPORD.
But, with revision to the 7th Fleet OPORD 201 to instill rigor in the Joint Fleet Maintenance Manual (JFMM) mandated regularly scheduled XAZ CMAV execution in FY13, the ratio significantly improved to 63 to 37 percent; doubling FDNF XAZ CMAVs from 20 in 2012 to 41 in 2013.
Joint strategic planning products include, but are not limited to, GCC estimates, base plans, OPLANs, CONPLANs, warning orders, planning orders, alert orders, operation orders (OPORD), execute orders, fragmentary orders, and deployment orders, along with all annexes including the newly mandated Annex W.
The language in JP 5-0 treats assumptions as primarily a planning construct: "Although there may be exceptions, the staff should strive to resolve all assumptions before issuing the OPORD [operation order]." (3) If we are not careful, the inference is that making and managing assumptions cease once the plan is written and the staff moves into execution mode.