OPPEOngoing Professional Practice Evaluation
OPPEOffice of Policy, Planning, and Evaluation
OPPEOperational Propulsion Plant Examination
OPPEOff Plan Property Exchange (UK)
OPPEOffice of Public Policy and Ethics (University of Queensland; Australia)
OPPEOleoyl Palmitoyl Phosphatidyl Ethanolamine
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The first set of standards for OPPE and FPPE transform the traditional "intuitive" credentialing and privileging process into one that is objective and evidenced-based.
Also, in the case of OPPE, "ongoing" is defined as "more frequently than annually," but is not further specified.
Malaga Chavez, Karina Oppe Alvarez, Juan Cornejo del Carpio, Cesar Naquira, and Michael Z.
Compared with figures of the Dutch dialysis population in 2006 (49% 65 years or older; Oppe, Treur, Barendregt, & De Charro, 2007), our sample comprises a higher percentage of older patients.
One of the organisers of the rally, Felicity Oppe, 57, said the reason for the protest was to keep the plight of the abducted Nigerian girls in the public eye.
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Oppe M et al., "User guide: basic information on how to use EQ-5D," 2009, http://www.euroqol.org/fileadmin/user_upload/Documenten/PDF/User_Guide_v2_March_2009.pdf.
In fact, since the first entrepreneurship course and the famous entrepreneurship training programme 'HEC Entrepreneur' created by Papin at HEC in Paris in 1974 and in particular since the early 1990s there has been a significant increase in the number of entrepreneurial programmes (Guillot 2002, OPPE 2011), some of them of an awareness raising nature, some offering specialised Masters programmes and some individual start-up programmes.
The establishment of focused professional performance evaluation (FPPE) and the recently mandated Ongoing Professional Performance Evaluations (OPPE) require routine monitoring of competency, at least every six months, of all staff members regardless of age.
While the peak-marking strategies presented so far involve contrast in the frequencies of items, the category labeled 'until' in Table 1 includes 27 cases where the contrast arises from the semantic sense of the connecting item (op, oppe, oppaet) and the situation types of the story-line elements.