OPPEOngoing Professional Practice Evaluation
OPPEOffice of Policy, Planning, and Evaluation
OPPEOperational Propulsion Plant Examination
OPPEOff Plan Property Exchange (UK)
OPPEOffice of Public Policy and Ethics (University of Queensland; Australia)
OPPEOleoyl Palmitoyl Phosphatidyl Ethanolamine
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Also, in the case of OPPE, "ongoing" is defined as "more frequently than annually," but is not further specified.
The Academy of Entrepreneurship (Academie de l'entrepreneuriat) and The OPPE (Observatoire Pedagogique des Pratiques en Entrepreneuriat)
In the fall of 1990, the Radon Division requested that OPPE organize a process to evaluate the Radon Program and make recommendations on future directions to increase risk reduction.
Initiate quality improvement for a specific privilege or physician need identified by the OPPE
Tenders are invited for OPPE 2013-01 - SHA OPPE Transportation Innovation Services, Statewide
Sadoulet and Carpenter (2001), and Kugler and Oppes (2005) show evidence of intra-group transfer of side payments in Guatemala and Benin, respectively.