OPPIOntario Professional Planners Institute
OPPIOrganisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India
OPPIOficina del Procurador de las Personas con Impedimentos (Spanish: Office for People with Disabilities)
OPPIOwners Protective Professional Indemnity (insurance)
OPPIOffice of Policy, Planning and Information
OPPIOffice of Petroleum Price Information (Natural Resources Canada)
OPPIOracle Portal Partner Initiative (Oracle Corporation)
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As president, he will work with council, professional planners and key stakeholders to advance INSPIRE OPPI, the institute's strategic plan.
Tapan Ray, Director General - OPPI said, "Supply chain and logistics are essential enablers for the life sciences industry to achieve cost and time efficiencies and ensure the right product reaches the right consumer at the right time.
The OPPI policy was created to address financial risks associated with the performing of professional services on construction projects.
Clearly, too, the word "information" must be related in some way to the idea of meaning, a point Floridi also raises in OPPI.
As per the report, the OPPI policy has been created to take effect even if the owner has executed a contractual Limitation of Liability with the design professional or builder.
During this time, Slivka will be available to answer questions on professional liability insurance issues as well as provide detailed information on numerous coverage forms including OPPI, Contractors Professional Liability (CPrL) and Contractors Protective and Professional Liability Insurance (CPPI.
Ranjit Shahani, President OPPI said, "Although efforts have been undertaken, both by individuals and organisations, the situation is still far from encouraging.
certain that patent legislation is not as stringent as OPPI would like,
It was found the fluorescence intensity of the DASB probe decreased significantly when OPPI was introduced into the initiator formulation, especially in the early stage of the photocuring.
Ironshore's OPPI product indemnifies the project owner for first party loss resulting from contracted design professionals and builders negligence when damages exceed the existing professional liability insurance policy limit.