OPPPOxidative Pentose Phosphate Pathway
OPPPOverly Protective Parent Pony (My Little Pony)
OPPPOil Pollution Prevention Plan (Canada)
OPPPOverseas Promotion Partnership Programme (Singapore)
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He hopes those same solutions also may prevent widespread public health impacts associated with emerging OPPPs, such as multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter, which has infected soldiers who were wounded serving in the Middle East.
Materials such as this may be one way to keep OPPPs from colonizing plumbing systems.
Determine the dose-response relationship between OPPP numbers and disease
On 25-27 March 2012, a Water Research Foundation-sponsored expert workshop, "Research Needs for Opportunistic Pathogens in Premise Plumbing," was held at the Virginia Tech Northern Virginia Center, Falls Church, Virginia, to document the widespread prevalence and impact of OPPPs on humans and to review their epidemiology and ecology and identify common features contributing to the infective process.
There are several traits shared by the three bacterial OPPPs that select for their presence and persistence in premise plumbing.
Currently, there are no documented broadly effective community-level engineering control strategies for OPPPs in municipal drinking water or premise plumbing.
Other important bacterial OPPPs include Acinetobacter spp.
Studies of that type might provide understanding of the distribution system microbiome to aid in predicting when colonization by OPPPs would be favored.
Appendix 1: Recommended Research Projects Related to Epidemiology and Ecology of OPPPs
Determine the prevalence, incidence, and trends of disease caused by OPPPs
Determine the role of free-living phagocytic amoebae species on the prevalence, persistence, growth, and survival of OPPPs
Determine whether microbial ecologic controls could reduce exposure to OPPPs