OPPTOne People's Public Trust
OPPTOffice of Pollution Prevention and Toxics (US EPA)
OPPTOffice of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxics (US Environmental Protection Agency)
OPPTOriented to Person, Place, and Time (medical examination criteria)
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Given the vast number of chemicals, the high cost to EPA of performing comprehensive risk assessments, and--if appropriate--risk management, and the Agency's responsibility to protect human health and the environment, EPA has developed the following multi-pronged approach for the Agency's existing chemicals management program: (1) risk assessment and risk reduction; (2) data collection and screening; and (3) public access to chemical data and information," the OPPT strategy document adds.
OPPT selected seven of those 83 for review in 2012 and has begun analyzing them.
OPPT should "establish criteria for selecting chemicals or classes of chemicals for low-level exposure and cumulative risk assessments, and develop confidential business information classification criteria to improve EPA's transparency and information sharing.
In 1992, OPPT launched a model grants program called "Alternative Synthetic Pathways for Pollution Prevention.