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OPQOrdre des Pharmaciens du Quebec (French: Quebec College of Pharmacists; Quebec, Canada)
OPQOptimized Picture Quality
OPQOccupational Personality Questionnaire
OPQOracle Parallel Query
OPQOrbis Party Quest (gaming)
OPQOptimal Picture Quality
OPQOccupational Performance Questionnaire
OPQOffice of Performance and Quality
OPQOpportunity from Perfecting Quality (economics)
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Let's put the new OPQ into some historical context.
OPQ was envisioned as a way to oversee drug quality throughout the product life cycle, instead of the fragmented pre-market and post-market approach that the agency has followed for years.
After the OPQ did most of the front-running at the Corniche with hot pace, Argos-Shimano took over and then Astana and Sky Procycling riders tried to set up their sprinters.
There was more to this contest than the issue being debated, and consequently the writings of OPQ and his clandestine opponents Humanitasy and the Unpaid Magistrate yield a fascinating insight into the political, economic, social and moral tensions of the colony in the 1830s.
Uvoscreen OPQ -- tailored for HABA and Cosmetic labels providing strong, vibrant colors that deliver outstanding images to achieve extreme shelf appeal.
On the narrow web side, XSYS Print Solutions expanded the range of patterns and color available in the HolographINK Process, and launched its Uvoscreen OPQ, a brand-new UV rotary screen ink tailored for HABA and cosmetic labels.
Validity coefficients for these four competencies are considerably higher when aggregate scores are computed from each individual's responses across the designated OPQ scales (Method 1) than when an average of the scale-criterion correlations is taken (Method 3).
For a chance to win, send us your answer to the question below at Young Scot, FREEPOST, Edinburgh EH12 OPQ or e-mail your answer to info@youngscot.
For more details contact the Maltese Tourist Office 36/38 Piccadilly, London WV1 OPQ (tel: 0207 292 4900).
Chez has taken delivery of samples of our OPQ product, tested its specifications, and has indicated a willingness to begin ordering.
BASS TAVERNS: Contact Bass Taverns, Cape Hill, PO Box 27, Birmingham B 16 OPQ.