OPRETOffice for Promotion of Renewable Energy Technologies (Fiji)
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OPRET credits factors such as inexpensive local, labor, use of local materials (such as sand and gravel), and government ownership of the Maximo-Gomez right of way and land used for OPRET's offices and the maintenance/control station.
According to OPRET data, about 1,800 contractors worked on the Metro project, employing more than 3,000 people in direct construction jobs and providing more than 6,000 indirect jobs in supporting work.
OPRET atribuye parte del, exito a factores como La mano de obra focal, barata, el uso de materiales focales Itales como arena y grava] y el hecho de que el.
The Director of the Office for the Reorganization of Transport (OPRET), Diandino Pena announced the signing of a contract for EUR$99 million (RD$4.2 billion) for construction of the electromechanical installations of the Santo Domingo Metro, reports DR1 Daily News (Sept.
France's Alstom Transport has won the tender for the construction of trains for the first metro line in Santo Domingo, according to the Office for the Reorganization of Transport (OPRET), reports Diario Libre (March 9, 2006).
The contracting authority is provided by the Office for the Reorganization of Land Transport (Opret) and the Committee on Barquita, with a solid team and accompanied by technical assistance that secures the long-term project.
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