OPRSOffice for the Protection of Research Subjects
OPRSOhio Presbyterian Retirement Services (Columbus, OH)
OPRSOverseas Postgraduate Research Scholarship (various locations)
OPRSOffice of Pay and Retirement Services (Office of the Chief Financial Officer for the Government of the District of Columbia; Washington, DC)
OPRSOhio Performance Review System (Ohio Department of Administrative Services)
OPRSOnline Prescription Refills (Kaiser Permanente)
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The Officer Performance Report (OPR) is the formal paper trail of officers' careers and reflects the performance in the eyes of their superiors only.
Following the same rationale, it is logical to argue that communicating corporate mCSR efforts to the general public in natural disasters generates quality OPRs. CSR communication research has also shown that the public reactions to CSR communication depend on a few factors.
The researchers found that 68.8 individuals per 100,000 county residents filled buprenorphine with naloxone and 5,298.3 filled OPR prescriptions in expansion counties in 2010.
The IRS Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) has no authority or jurisdiction over a disbarred attorney/tax preparer or his tax preparation practice and cannot regulate his provision of tax advice, a federal district court in Nevada held.
Resource coordinators (RC) from each mission element's office of primary responsibility (OPR) are appointed in writing by their respective OPR director (typically a colonel) and have user accounts to upload requirements and associated supporting documentation into the database.
Ovarian response to treatment--normal or poor--was included as a covariate for subgroup analysis Xu et al., 2012 OPRs assessed with 4 logistic regression analysis according to 8 distinct P levels intervals on the day of hCG administration and compared among low (<4 oocytes retrieved), intermediate (5-19 oocytes retrieved), and high ([greater than or equal to] 20 oocytes retrieved) responders.
A possible hypothesis is that the interaction of remifentanil with OPRs could cause release of adenosine, which in turn acts on ADRs to produce a cardioprotective effect [11].
Also, "efforts to prevent expansion of the number of OPR users who might use heroin when it is available should continue [including] screening for substance abuse, urine testing for drug use, and referral to substance abuse treatment.
Cases included those drug abuse-related ED visits that involved alcohol and OPRs or alcohol and benzodiazepines, whether alone or in combination with other drugs.
(9) Third, the force development actions identified in the 2014 JIP are spread across the entire range of possible OPRs: approximately 50 percent across the military Services, about 25 percent for the Joint Staff, and the remaining 25 percent allocated across the CCMDs, OSD, and support agencies.
His added focus on program management led to the resolution and closure of three mishap recommendations with OPRs at the depot and command levels.