OPRTOld Plank Road Trail (Illinois)
OPRTOrganization for the Promotion of Responsible Tuna Fisheries
OPRTOnline Problem Reporting and Tracking (software; Citrix)
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The OPRT will also establish a pool of crisis management and technical experts and trained personnel to form rapid reaction teams, which shall then be deployed to crisis-hit areas where there are significant concentration of Filipinos.
Contract awarded for 5298n1-dot matrix printer similar to tvs mps 345 star - 24 pin, 136 column, 400 cps at 10 cpi (draft mode), 360 cps at 10 cpi high spee draft mode, one paralel & one ubs oprt.firm~s offer - tvs msp 345 star
Medgaz transports natural gas from facilities near Beni Saf in the Algerian coast (BSCS Beni Saf Compressor Station) to Almera in the Spanish coast (OPRT Offshore Pipeline Receiving Terminal), located at either end of the Medgaz high pressure / deep-water natural gas pipeline connecting Algeria to Spain.
Tenders are invited for Supply of safety items Fluorescent Life Saving Jacket, Riding Goggles for Oprt Working in Fire, Rubber Hand Gloves 11 KV