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OPSAOffice of Professional School Advising (Texas A&M University)
OPSAOklahoma Political Science Association
OPSAOxidation Phenomena in Severe Accidents (project; EU)
OPSAOdontologia Personalizada SA (Portuguese: Personalized Dentistry)
OPSAOSSTMM (Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual) Professional Security Analyst (certification; Institute for Security and Open Methodologies)
OPSAOregon Public Safety Academy
OPSAOrganismes Paritaires Collecteurs Agrées
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Christine Pappas, has done an exceptional job in building a strong foundation of interest and participation in the OPSA, and I hope to build on what she has accomplished."
Podemos recorrer a um passo anterior da Republica (332c-d) para aclarar o porque de opsa ter evoluido do sentido generico de 'conduto' (sentido evidente no quadro da 'cidade sa') para o sentido especifico de conduto requintado ou 'iguaria' (sentido latente na descricao da 'cidade doente').
The OPSA is, therefore, a bold step by civil society to establish mechanisms for collaboration with national and county governments in formulating and implementing public policies and programmes.
As idosas foram alocadas de acordo com os pontos de corte proposto pela OPSA, obtendo classificacao de "bom" e "muito bom" desempenho na maior parte dos testes de aptidao funcional, sendo que IG das idosas com baixo peso apresentaram melhor escore, evidenciando o efeito benefico da pratica sistematizada de exercicios fisicos sobre aptidao funcional das idosas.
This Opsa contract, he stated, contributes to efficiency and quality improvements, cost reduction, and the efficient operation of Dewa's power plants.
Paustenbaugh, Oklahoma Women's Almanac (Stillwater OK: OPSA Press, 2006).
By implementing Phase II Single National Inventory (SNI) and creating a new planning position, Optimal Supply Planning Analyst (OPSA), Navy ERP provides the ability to centrally manage setting and replenishment of demand based levels for shore activities.
Perhaps more important, his OPSa stat favored by sabermetricians that combines on-base percentage and slugging percentagewas .948, the second-highest of his career.
The main fare of Chapter 5 ('Meat and Fish', 140-63) is the opsa (meats, pulmentaria, plus vegetable proteins, things eaten with bread).