OPSBOrleans Parish School Board
OPSBOhio Power Siting Board (new energy facility review)
OPSBOuachita Parish School Board (Monroe, LA)
OPSBOpen Proxy Scanning Bot (software)
OPSBOld Private Sector Bank
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Perpetually in a hurry, Jacobs married and graduated from Cornell University at twenty-one, had her first of two children at twenty-three, and by thirty-three was not only elected to the OPSB but had built her father's small insurance agency--with her brother--into one of the largest in the South.
25) The OPSB was plagued by corruption and financial mismanagement, with over $265 million in debt and a Federal Bureau of Investigation task force housed in the district office to root out graft.
On October 28, 2008, the OPSB adopted rules for certification of economically significant wind farms in Ohio.
The OPSB was in dire straits even prior to the destruction caused by hurricane Katrina.
OPSB agreed to this plan with the stipulation that the Corps of Engineers and the Ohio EPA must concur that impacts to these wetlands would be minimal.
212) The Complaint was not so much a call for action by charter schools as it was a call for action by the state, the RSD, and the OPSB to create order out of the chaos resulting from a decentralized special education system.
As required by OPSB regulations, the application includes descriptions of a preferred and alternate route for the proposed transmission line:
This action relieved OPSB of responsibility for 102 of the 117 public schools that had remained under its control.
Selective admission is permitted at OPSB district and charter schools and at BESE charter schools, but not at RSD schools.
The OPSB Departments of Facility Planning and Maintenance Services have designated the Jazz Casino Company, LLC lease payments for the OPSB's Cyclic Maintenance Replacement Program (CMRP) to address the most critical areas requiring cyclic replacement and upkeep at parish schools, including mechanical systems, roofs, gutters, fire alarms, smoke detectors and flooring.
Today, the majority of OPSB schools are charters (see Figure 1).
Private 34% RSD and BESE (state) charter 24% OPSB (district) charter 14% RSD (state) tranditional 23% OPSB (district) traditional 5% SOURCES: Greater New Orleany Community Data Center (private school enrollment, October 2008); New Schools for New Orleans, 2008-09 school year Note: Table made from pie chart.