OPSCOffice of Public School Construction
OPSCOregon Plumbing Specialty Code
OPSCOrissa Public Service Commission (India)
OPSCOsteopathic Physicians and Surgeons of California
OPSCOffice of the Public Service Commissioner (Queensland, Australia)
OPSCOutpatient Surgical Center (various locations)
OPSCOregon Patient Safety Commission (est. 2003)
OPSCOrland Park Soccer Club (Orland Park, IL)
OPSCOptional Protocol on Sale of Children, Child Prostitution, and Child Pornography (UN Convention on the Rights of the Child; UN Children's Fund)
OPSCOhio Public Service Company
OPSCOregon Plumbing Safety Code (laws)
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As reflected in the California law, OPSC views private security as a profession such as the practice of law or accounting.
OPSC worked closely with the Oregon Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP), the Oregon State Sheriffs Association (OSSA), and other key federal, state, and local law enforcement groups.
The transfer of the special education programs led the OPSC to consider LACOE as having declining enrollment, which LACOE considered to be ``erroneous methodology.
When the local officials told the state of its dilemma, OPSC officials said the problem could be corrected through legislation, Shelton said.
Apparently they were being pushed to do this by the OPSC in the first place,'' Wildman said.
OPSC Gold enables operators to unify convergent billing processes for all voice and data services - whether they are prepaid in real-time or postpaid - into a single system.
The OPSC is configurable from 10,000 to over 40 million users on a single system.
Now, through the ORGA OPSC, networks implementing data services will be able to bill for content, delivery and Quality of Service.
This includes the OPSC Accessibility Compliance & Fire Life Safety
OPSC has over 30 million subscribers, making it the most widely used system in the GSM world today.
OPSC - ORGA's solution for prepaid systems - the most widely
Since then the company has helped launch successful programs using OPSC for T-Mobil, Telecom Italia Mobiles (TIM) and TMN of Portugal, among others.