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OPSCANOlympic Public Safety Communications Alliance Network (Clallam County, WA)
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Vendor shall provide all labor, supervision, equipment and supplies necessary to print OpScan Forms for use by the PURCHASING AGENCY.
The instruments were finalized, and customized opscan sheets were developed by National Computer Systems, Inc.
After conducting his own research and seeing demonstrations of numerous systems, he determined that the OpScan 3 was the product that best fit the school's needs.
The OpScan 5, a mid-range desktop model with a 28-by-13-inch footprint, performs optical mark reading.
PFGBEST Options division leader Jeff Lewandowski added, "OptionVue software incorporates OpScan, a real time scanning service used to discover trading opportunities; BackTrader, a tool for back-testing strategies; and HedgeFinder, which helps to chart risk and build hedging strategies for an entire portfolio.
Contract awarded for purchase of parts for opscan 8 and opscan 15 omr scanners (direct contracting exclusive dealer / manufacturer)
Designed with educators in mind, the OpScan 3 from National Computer Systems accomodates both NCS Mark Reflex and Transoptic forms ranging in size from 2.
All of the applications use optical mark read (OMR) forms that are processed on an NCS OpScan 21 scanner.
The assessments can be accurately and efficiently scored using any Pearson OpScan(R) scanner, including the OpScan iNSIGHT(TM) 4 scanner and the OpScan 4U scanner, available from Pearson NCS.
OpScan 3's rate of 20 sheets per minute speeds data entry, and it can scan both front and back sides with an optional two-sided-read capability.