OPSEOptical Science and Engineering (college course; various universities)
OPSEOptically Pumped Stimulated Emission
OPSEOffice of Protocol and Special Events (now Community Engagement and Events Division; Australia)
OPSEOffice of Public Service Employment
OPSEOral Pharyngeal Swallow Efficiency
OPSEOne Page Summary Essay (homework)
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We used four items of the OPSE scale derived from Velasquez and LaRose (1999).
EXP = exposure; O-S = other-exposure - self-exposure; OPSE = online political self-efficacy; TPP= third-person perception; SR = support for regulation; CA = corrective action.
As predicted, OPSE was positively correlated with social media activism ([beta] = .
Table 3 displays the direct, indirect and total effects of exogenous variables of EXP, TPP, and OPSE on the endogenous variables of SR and SMA.
Kraemer traces Kraus's intellectual formation and provides thoughtful syn opses of his myriad scholarly undertakings.
Some of the teachers in our study perceived "we were not making the OPSEs up to mark, that's why students are not studying the subject in depth" This was contradictory to Iqbal et al, study who reported that 48.