OPSEUOntario Public Service Employees' Union
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OPSEU represents about 35,500 Ontario Public Service employees in a broad range of positions which include administrative support, enforcement officers, social workers and IT systems officers.
And so in a way, the Stoney Point protest was extrernely, extremely more passive than the OPSEU one.
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Well past the usual retirement age, Lukin worked as a researcher for OPSEU, imbuing his arbitration briefs and presentations with a working-class analysis.
22) Even more significantly and without any reference to what he had said in Dupond, Justice Beetz's concurring judgment in OPSEU v.
We have an effective infectious disease control program in place right now in Ontario correctional institutions," said Daryl Pitfield, chair of the OPSEU Corrections Provincial Health and Safety Committee.
This year's client speakers included representatives from such organizations as: Ark Asset Management, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Mellon Global Investments, Merrill Lynch Investment Managers, OPSEU Pension Trust, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's State Employees' Retirement System (SERS).
Over the next several weeks, the Ontario government and OPSEU will be undergoing their separate ratification processes with respect to the tentative agreement.
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The company also established two classes of cumulative redeemable preferred stock, and sold for cash $50 million of the preferred stock to OPSEU Pension Trust (OPTrust) and DeBartolo together with warrants to purchase an equivalent amount of ATA common stock.
OPSEU (32) (1991), the Supreme Court of Canada considered a Charter challenge to the use of dues collected under the Rand formula.
79) OPSEU eventually ceased efforts to curtail the loss of hourly-paid tree planting work.