OPSEUOntario Public Service Employees' Union
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37) The Supreme Court's subsequent jurisprudence has made it clear that these compartments are not exactly water-tight, in the sense that they "allow for a fair amount of interplay and indeed overlap between federal and provincial powers": OPSEU v Ontario (Attorney General), [1987] 2 SCR 2 at 17,41 DLR(4th) 1 [OPSEU].
In Ontario (Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services) v OPSEU (Therrien) (Re) (112)--a case dealing with a series of grievances raising human rights issues--the Grievance Settlement Board (GSB) rejected an individual employee's demand for party status.
I and a few other employees looked into forming a union by contacting OPSEU, the Ontario Public Sector Employees Union.
Although it is the IT workers who are most vulnerable to outsourcing, there are tensions in the ranks between OPSEU and corrections workers, with some agitating to separate from OPSEU and be declared an "essential service.
26) OPSEU was the decision of a shorthanded Court and the implied rights issue was not the subject of full argument.
This includes loss of employment, redeployment, erosion of working conditions (including job security), reskilling, adaptation to new work practices and deunionisation (in Australia, see Lloyd 1987; in Canada, see OPSEU 1980).
You could argue that the OPSEU protesters didn't have the right, to block MPPs from going to work.
An OPSEU official who was heavily involved in the campaign observed that "serious money" was poured into the cause, much of it in the form of member time off to supply volunteer workers to various ridings.
The College Employer Council and OPSEU would have five days to agree on a mediator-arbitrator, or one would be appointed by the Minister of Labour.
OPSEU, AUPE), but construction remains a primary target through appeals to the labour relations boards, consuming significant legal resources for all unions involved.
The Court's conclusion that parts of the constitution's architecture are entrenched brings the principle set out in OPSEU (26) into the Part V era.
During the province-wide OPSEU strike I stood in the miserable cold with a frozen squeeze-box and had hundreds of women workers join me in song.