OPSEUOntario Public Service Employees' Union
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The usual answer is the one that Dickson CJC himself supplied in OPSEU, in the very passage quoted with approval in Kitkatla: "The distribution of powers provisions contained in the Constitution Act, 1867 do not have as their exclusive addressees the federal and provincial governments.
OPSEU v Ontario (Attorney General), [1987] 2 SCR 2 at 44, 41 DLR (4th) 1 [OPSEU v Ontario], quoting with approval from the reasons of MacKinnon ACJO below, expresses the duty as "political neutrality of Crown servants".
Within five months of being elected to office, the McGuinty government had alienated important segments of the broader public sector, prompting the leadership of the OFL, OPSEU, and CUPE to publicly condemn the new government's commitment to fiscal austerity on the economic front.
In Ontario (Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services) v OPSEU (Therrien) (Re) (112)--a case dealing with a series of grievances raising human rights issues--the Grievance Settlement Board (GSB) rejected an individual employee's demand for party status.
I and a few other employees looked into forming a union by contacting OPSEU, the Ontario Public Sector Employees Union.
In Renfrew County, personal support workers with the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) went on strike against poverty-wages in September and October, 2014.
Joint venture equity was provided by OPSEU Pension Trust and the $167 million construction loan for Phase I of the project was provided by The Union Labor Life Insurance Company (ULLICO) on behalf of its separate accounts.
McLachlin CJ's decision in RJR Macdonald Inc v Canada (Attorney General) and Wilson J's obiter in Lavigne v OPSEU suggest that a requirement to engage in expressive activity combined with a restriction to limit the nature or content of that expressive activity infringes freedom of expression.
Indeed, these three decisions are departures from the "dominant tide" of modern federalism jurisprudence in Canada (OPSEU (1987): 17; Canadian Western Bank (2007): para 36).
6/simplified) -- Pension funds USS Nero Limited of Britain, OPSEU Pension Plan Trust Fund of Canada and PGGM N.V.
per Kellock J; OPSEU v Ontario (Attorney General) ...
OPSEU Local 269, that represents VON staff, and other groups organized a protest rally attended by 1,500 supporters.