OPSIIOperational Weather Squadron Production System, Phase II
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Similar to the [F.sub.v]/[F.sub.m] value, the value of OPSII in all treatments decreased over time (Fig.
5a and 5b, values of [F.sub.v]/[F.sub.m] and OPSII both reduced quickly after the beginning of N-limitation, indicating that N-limitation had a severe effect on the PSII photochemical activity.
However, the lack of significant differences in OPSII and NPQ among treatments indicated that X-rays, delivered at the seed stage on tomato plants, did not alter the capability of photosynthetic apparatus of tomato plants either to convert light energy in photochemistry or to perform thermal dissipation mechanisms.
His study of the obsidian trade from Eritrea via Egypt to Rome (where it was used for statuary) associates the Opsii family with traffic in that commodity.