OPSOOuachita Parish Sheriff Office (Monroe, LA)
OPSOOperations Officer
OPSOOlder People Speak Out (Australia)
OPSOOn Public Service Only (postage; New Zealand)
OPSOOsteopathic Physicians and Surgeons of Oregon (Portland)
OPSOOver Pressure Shut-Off (valve)
OPSOOpen Software (Italian software and web services company)
OPSOOffice of Pipeline Safety Operations (US DOT)
OPSOOverlapping Pairs Sparse Occupancy Test (random number generators)
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GROUND-BREAKING LIMELIGHT DEVELOPMENT The ground-breaking Limelight development features a total of 81 one and two-bed apartments comprising 21 two-bed extra care apartments offered on an Older People's Shared Ownership (OPSO) basis and 60 one and twobed properties available to rent.
Schneider, "Optimized Particle Swarm Optimization (OPSO) and its application to artificial neural network training," BMC Bioinformatics, vol.
MTQLBBO outperforms OXDE, ODE/2, OPSO, OLPSOG, OLPSO-L, OXBBO, and POLBBO on 6, 7, 10, 10, 7, 7, and 8 functions, respectively.
p-values and conclusion for Diehard test on LTSC-128 Test Name p-value Conclusion BDAY 0.5302 Success OPERM 0.3686 Success RANK31 0.4348 Success RANK32 0.3297 Success RANK68 0.4778 Success BSTM 0.4650 Success DNA 0.4998 Success OPSO 0.5589 Success OQSO 0.3079 Success CBYTE 0.7048 Success CSBYTE 0.5496 Success PARKL 0.5886 Success 3DS 0.4921 Success SQEZ 0.8739 Success OSUM 0.5772 Success RUN 0.3186 Success CRAP 0.7995 Success MDIST 0.4522 Success Table 2.
Another independent report prepared for OPSO, Materials Transportation Board (MTB), and the Department of Transportation (DOT) in November 1975 also recommended that automatic shut-off valves be installed on customer service lines because they were inexpensive.
Recently, existing face recognition methods utilize PSO and OPSO methods to optimize the parameters of SVM.
Having spent my previous two years as the AMO and OPSO, I was enjoying life as a pilot for my last month in the squadron.
The crew was set to be a lieutenant (the det's MO) and myself (the det's OpsO) up front, with our AW and two SEALs (one a sniper, the other a spotter) in the back.