OPSPOpen Project Selection Process (various states)
OPSPOffice of Policy and Strategic Planning (US DHHS)
OPSPOrigination Participation Service Provider (telecommunications)
OPSPOther Professional School Personnel
OPSPOffice of Public School Programs (Maricopa County, AZ community college system)
OPSPOxford Practice Skills Project (health care education; UK)
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2004), to examine the counts of lactobacilli (Rogosa, CM 0627, incubated anaerobically 48 h), coliforms (MacKonkey, CM 0115, incubated aerobically 24 h), Clostridium perfringens (CM 0543 OPSP, incubated aerobically 24 h) and TAB (Wilkins-Chalgren anaerobe agar, CM 0619, incubated anaerobically 7 days).
Perfringens Agar OPSP uses a combination of sulphadiazine, oleandoymcin & polymyxin to achieve selectivity, whilst cycloserine is used with the TSC formulation.
Focusing its efforts on youth and senior citizens, the OPSP developed educational events such as "Walk a Child to School Day," pedestrian "stings," and Pedestrian Safety Weeks as well as educational materials.