OPSTEMPOOperations Tempo
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He said if he "could put a bubble around this that enables it all to happen, it would be leadership." He goes on to say that the essential component of readiness is "the confidence in their capabilities to do what we ask them to do, and that involves equipment, training, and leadership." (31) The readiness challenge is further exacerbated with increased OPSTEMPO. The force today is manned at a level that is 33 percent below what it was 10 years ago, and the relative deployment workload exceeds 400 percent of what it was.
If you've just completed an ORI or base-wide exercise, then ease back and give the unit some time to settle back into a more normal OPSTEMPO.
They also drive our goals and initiatives while retaining responsibility for safety, security, and maintenance despite higher opstempo. I encourage you to engage with them, and tell them how thankful we all are for all that they do.
Recent studies have identified many factors related to MC rates: maintenance manning and experience, retention, break and fix rates, operations tempo (OPSTEMPO), spare parts issues, and reliability and maintainability (R&M) of aircraft systems, among others.
A study conducted by the Dynamics Research Corporation (DRC) for the Air Force Directorate of Supply identified factors--such as manning, experience, retention, increased inspections, modifications to aging aircraft, break rates, cannibalizations, increased man-hours, OPSTEMPO, and aircraft maintenance management policy changes--as being directly related to changes in the amount of TNMCM hours.
This condition primarily manifests itself in the form of aging aircraft and increased failures brought about by the increased OPSTEMPO of weapons systems.