OPTAGOperational Training and Advisory Group (Ministry of Defence; UK)
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One of them, Optag cultural advisor Fazel Beria, said: "For anyone who has been to Afghanistan, this is very similar to what we have there - especially in Helmand.
The OPTAG staff devise plan after plan to try to catch the Fusiliers unawares with daily surprise attacks.
Brennan indicated that Optag RFID chips would not store any personal details.
OPTAG Staff Sergeant Dean Davidson said part of their training involves making the Americans aware of the 'soft option' when dealing with the public, such as knocking on a door before opening it.
Apart from teaching the Americans to become more approachable, OPTAG's training also focuses on how to avoid becoming a target -by altering vehicle movement patterns and using decoys, for example -rather than resorting to brute force to quash potentially lethal attacks.
At Tall Afar, OPTAG conducted its three-day course in a concrete bunker.
Andrew Field, chief instructor at Optag, said: "Until we had this facility, soldiers would train in the type of buildings which you and I live in.
The Optag is linked to a network of cameras which track wearers.