OPTECOperational Test & Evaluation Command (US Army; now ATEC, Army Test and Evaluation Command)
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Visual contrast sensitivity was evaluated with the Optec 1,000 Functional Assessment of Contrast Sensitivity test.
Newly emerged virgin male and female flies were introduced into a plastic Petri dish and then placed under a stereomicroscope (Optec, SMZ-B4, China) connected to a CCD digital camera (Lumenera's INFINITY2-2C-2.0 Megapixel color CCD Camera, Canada).
Kyocera Optec Co., a subsidiary of Kyocera Corp., is an optical components provider focusing on development, production and sales of optical lenses and devices for the growing automotive market as well as for the factory automation and medical markets.
The 6" x 6" hologram was designed by Optec Design and displayed the 'Rock of Ages' Images.
This ASCOM-compliant combination focuser/rotator from Optec is noteworthy for its robust construction, generous 3 3/4-inch aperture, and extremely low profile, requiring just 2 1/4 inches of back focus in the imaging train, making it a particularly useful accessory for remote imagers.
The Armed Forces Vision Tester (OPTEC-2300, Optec Inc; Lowell, Michigan) was used to measure vertical and horizontal phorias at near and distance as well as stereo acuity (depth perception).
Prices are affected by numerous factors such as market supply and demand, political and economic conditions, and the ability of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Optec) to set and maintain production and price targets.
The town currently uses a 50-pound Optec Eagle voting machine purchased in 1996.
The National Center for Optics and Photonics Education (OPTEC) has awarded Cincinnati State (Ohio) a $15,000 "minigrant" to promote its laser technology program.
The TriTest 13 and the Optec 900 are recent replacements for the Beyne lantern and the FALANT respectively.
So only the CIE illuminants (A, B, C, D50, D55, and D75), the LED light sources (Sylvania Concord 2048794, Photon Star CS5, Erco Optec Spotlights, Synergy 1003605 S12, Synergy 1003607 NF34, Cooper DL11-WS-WW, GE Par 30, Philips EnduraLED MR16, Erco Light Board V01, MSI iPAR3830021D, Erco ERCO Large Flood, Philips Philips Par38, Solais LR38, and Philips MASTER LEDspot MV), and the TH light sources (Solux 12 V Diachroic, Philips 50Par30L-WFL40, Osram 12 V Diachroic, Concord 2627632 MK41, DAL Baltic 64005, Sylvania TrueAim-Titan MR16, Erco Eclipse-Clear Lens, Philips Philips 50 W MR16, GE EYC 71W MR16, GE Par38 (11878), Luxina EXZ-CG-M250 MR16, GE Par 38 80 W Flood, Osram Par 38 120 W, GE Par 38 80 W Spot, and GE Standard Tungsten) were selected [21].