OPTEMPOOperating/Operations Tempo
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Rather, these figures present realistic estimates of the MMH gap, pursuant to historically derived settings, OPTEMPO rates, and doctrinal/ regulatory guidance on maintainer availability factors and maintenance requirements.
In effect, the Soldier establishes a "sleep reserve" (28) that can be tapped days (and perhaps even weeks) later to better sustain alertness and performance when subsequently faced with the challenge of sleep loss resulting from high tempo of operations (OPTEMPO), continuous operations, etc.
What they found was that as optempo increased, active units were cheaper per hour, but as the optempo decreased the reserve components were less expensive.
With the enhanced operational tempo (OPTEMPO) of the military, adequate sleep is a valuable and sometimes rare commodity.
I feel we are very well prepared to meet deployed Sailors' needs in spite of any changes to the OPTEMPO (operational tempo).
Another major difference between class V and the classes VII or IX items managed by the other LCMCs is that class V sustainment costs are not as dependent on operating tempo (OPTEMPO).
Short equipment operational life spans may follow if maintenance doesn't keep pace with OPTEMPO.
Army's Army Force Generation cycle in that it aims to train and equip the appropriate sized force to maintain the current and projected OPTEMPO.
The current "optempo" ["Operations Tempo," or measuring pace in terms of equipment usage] with multiple actions requiring rapid responses is the template for the future.
Although a good portion of these mishaps can be explained by the higher OPTEMPO that spring usually brings, it is worth noting the additional OPTEMPO increase associated with "fighting season" in the AOR as a potential contributor.
Today, Air Force rescue forces are certainly engaged in combat and heroically going into harm's way to save lives, but the service's PR mission is currently stagnating from the combination of high operating tempo (OPTEMPO) and difficulty adapting to change.
All this means a high operational tempo, and the Black Lions use a force generation model to control the OPTEMPO. The battalion has four active-duty companies: Company A at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii; Company B at Fort Bragg, N.C.; and Company C and Headquarters & Headquarters Company at Fort Belvoir, Va.